Diving Equipment Mahigeer Water Sports have a fantastic range of diving gear, essential diving equipment, spearfishing equipment and freedive equipments available for all of your needs and expectations. All of our equipments are of an outstanding quality ensuring that it is safe, reliable and durable so that you get the most out of what you buy. We supply everything from suits to tanks and gauges to fins to make sure that you are properly equipped for your voyage below sea level. We have many leading diving brands working with us so that you can choose something to your own tastes, whilst we continue to cater to all your scuba diving requirements.

In spearfishing we have spearguns (rubber gun and pressure gun)from best brands (Mares & Beuchat) and all the accessories by Mares including spears for guns, spare parts for guns, slings, ropes and much more. For free diving we have mares free dive fins for fast and smooth dive. Visit us to view our complete collection. Shop Online Now

Complete set of diving equipments(BCD, Cylinders, gauges, fins, mask and many more). Everything you need in best price and best quality.

Mahigeer Water sports provide its customers with complete package of diving from mask to suits , cylinder to BCDs you name it we have it.

We provide our customers with best in the business spearguns both rubber and pressure. For free diving and spear fishing we have provided our customers with free dive fins for easy, smooth and fast moment in the sea. Many diffenent models of free dive fins are available to choose from. Prices we offer our unbeatable and guns are only from the top manufacturing brands. We have many different sizes to offer to provide our customers a range to choose from. Visit us to check out the latest in stock.

Divig equipments from best brands as well as accessories for diving, best in quality providing you with weights, belts, cylinder accessories, knifes, underwater torches and many more. We believe in providing everything that can be helpful regarding safety of the diver and protection of the equipment.

Along with the spearguns accessories for it are also available such as shafts, line, slings, spare parts and etc. From all parts to servicing and repairing we provide a one stop shop to our customers.