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From mountain trails to afternoons at the lake, pack up for the journey with camping and outdoors gear - and make the most of your next excursion. Enjoy the outdoors with top-rated gear from Mahigeer Water Sports for your next adventure. Find shelter in camping tents designed for hassle-free set-up and protection from the elements. Rest peacefully with plush camping cots and sleeping bags that keep you cozy when temperatures delve.

Gather around the campfire or the tailgate with outdoor furniture, cooking equipment, outdoor grills, coolers and more.Take on the trek with hiking backpacks and daypacks perfect for stowing away your essentials, like water bottles, hydration gear, backpacking tents and more. Pick up hunting knives, flashlights and camping electronics - Mahigeer Water Sports provide outdoor gear that prepares you for anything Mother Nature throws your way. Shop Online Now

Camps of different shapes and capacity made with perfection.

Inflatable boats to make your lake side camping more fun. Easy to carry and reliable. We provide inflatable boats in different sizes, shapes and capacity .

Outdoor equipment is incomplete without ice box, food containers and water cooler. For a fun trip one must get equipped with all these things. We provide ice box of one of the best brands in the market.

For onshore fishing we offer waders, boots and many other suiting stuff to make your self safe from getting wet or dirty.

Knifes and multi-tools are provided for fishing and outdoor activities. Multi-tools have taken off around the world as an easy-to-carry toolbox. Most multi-tools are made of stainless steel and are plier-based with a variety of pull out tools including screwdrivers, knife blades, files, saws and more. We have a great variety of multi-tools and knifes.